Your Code is the Knight’s Code

Every organisation, association and company has its own code of conduct: a series of guidelines to follow that show the core principles to keep order in relationships between colleagues.

Surely, for a knight one of the main values is service: helping others and leading by example. Therefore, the four commitments  for better oceans are based on this value.

Looking for a code for the Knights of the Sea, instead of making one code for everyone, we decided to let everyone choose their own, meaning they can select those principles to improve him(her)self, other people and the world.

We got the solution to our research for a code from the surf-world, where everything started. What Shaun Tomson called “The Code” became “The Knight’s Code” for us.

Thanks Shaun for letting us integrate “The Code” into our initiative!

Your Knight’s Code

The code is a list of promises: promises we make to ourselves, promises that encourage us to make commitments and lead our future actions. We all hope for a better future and what we need in order to transform this hope into concrete actions is writing down our promises and saying them out loud.

Take your time and write down your hopes, dreams and everything you would like life to be. Start every sentence with “I will”.

The promises you list, even the simplest, will surprise you!

Some promises renew and strengthen past commitments, others, instead, become reminders of what we learned from past mistakes.

Thus, even if some promises might seem banal and almost insignificant, do not pay too much attention on the surface of what you write but rather look at the stories behind them. Each promise we make is born from a positive or negative experience we have had; this experience brought us to be the people we are now. People on their way towards a better future.

Examples of promises

Shaun wrote down his list of 12 promises and he published a book “The Code“. Moreover, he shared his experience with children from all over the world. These are his promises and the promises from some of those children.

I will be myself

I will dream

I will face my fears

I will never give up

I will create

I will heal

I will pray

I will give

I will make a difference

I will imagine

I will have faith

I will share stories

I will express myself

I will stop making assumptions

I will focus on the good things in my life and forget the bad

I will think about how my actions affect others around me and the planet

I will finish everything I start

I will dive into uncertain situations with confidence rather than fear

I will acknowledge my mistake

I will forgive and forget wrongs endured

I will smile

Share your code with us

If you like, share your promises with us and let yourself be motivated by other Knights of the Sea who, like you, decided to be committed to make this world a better place. Thanks!



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