Sequoia Surfboards

Marcello Zani of Sequoia Surfboards decided to make a special version of his surfboards to raise funds for the protection of the oceans.

100% of the profits will be used for the cleaning of the oceans.

25% of the surfboards is made of recycled material.

Choose the surfboard that you need and the design you like more!

We did not want to create an ad hoc surfboard that could be only used by someone, we were looking for a solution that could satisfy as many surfers as possible.

So, we decided to keep the surfboards that surfers already need because they appreciate the technical performances and we added a distinguished element to identify the cause for the oceans. The idea was to partially modify the design of the surfboard in order to keep its identity but with the addition of the soul of the Knights of the Sea to show a sense of community and commitment.

We made several graphic solutions to let surfers choose the style that, from their point of view, better reflects the purpose of the project. Later a final version of the graphic design will be chosen, but, in the meantime, surfers can choose the one that better fits their personality!

This is not the most eco-friendly surfboard on the planet, but it is what we can do right now with the tools we have. Obviously, we can do more or differently: this is why we see in this surfboard the beginning of a venture towards something better. This is the first step; others will follow and we trust other people will join us in our journey.




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