Every great journey starts with a little step, what matters is starting!

I am a company

Let’s do something together

The easiest way to begins is making a Knights of the Sea version of a your article and give part of the incomes to the association that you prefer.

How does it work?

  • Choose a your flagship product and create a special version Knights of the Sea;
  • Decide how much to give away from the incomes of the product’s sales;
  • Support the association you prefer the most. No intermediary. (We can help you to find the right association for you.)

Making a product together is not the objective of the partnership, but rather the first step of a trip we will do together to understand how to reduce the environmental impact of your products and, then, make our sea (world) a better place.

I would like to do something different

We are open to any new idea!

Please, use the form here below and tell us what you would like to do: we will wait for your message!

I am a citizen

Every your action counts

As citizen you can do a lot: from what you buy and what you do during the day.

Obviously everything starts with the four commitments that identify a Knight of the Sea. And do not forget to share your commitment: every your action, even the simplest, counts more than one thousend words!

Is there a group I can join?

We are not set-up as a group, so we suggest you to join a local association that is already active to protect the seas.

However, if you are looking for something different and you do not feel tha the current groups are rigth for you, send us a message using the form here below and, maybe, we can do something together!

I would like to help you

One hand more is always useful!

Tell us what you can do or what you would like to do using the form here below. We are waiting for your message!