A surfboard to protect the oceans

The sea is shouting: “Thanks!” It is difficult to hear it without paying due attention and, unfortunately, it is more and more chocked by our continuous shouts of protest. These shouts are rightly giving voice to the unpleasant situation of a sea unable to keep all waste we have littered, and we are still littering. But there is a shout of gratitude that the sea is giving to all those who are trying to make the difference.

It is with the purpose of giving voice to this “Thanks!” that Marcello Zani of Sequoia Surfboards accepted Emanuele Blasi’s invitation to make a special version of his surfboards. Part of the incomes from the sale of these surfboards will be used to support those people that, with effort and dedication, are making our sea a better place; people that Emanuele calls Knights of the Sea.

“This is not the most eco-friendly surfboard on the planet”, Marcello and Emanuele say, “but it is what we can do right now with the tools we have. Obviously, we can do more or differently: this is why we see in this surfboard the beginning of a venture towards something better. This is the first step; others will follow and we trust other people will join us in our journey. “

Marcello and Emanuele wanted to make a surfboard capable of fully represents the soul of surfers and their relationship with the ocean. “For me,” says Emanuele, ”surfers represent the pure essence of the love for the sea: the love for the sea is discovery and adventure, it is the adrenaline of being one thing with the waves, it is the joy of bivouacs on the beach under a starry sky, but it is also taking care of it via feeling part of something bigger. A surfboard capable of representing all of this could not miss and Marcello shaped it!”

The 25% of these surfboards is made of recycled material and the 100% of profits will be given to projects for the protection of the oceans.

You can buy the surfboard on Sequoia Surfboards website (sequoiasurfboards.com) and if you would like to help us on the project Knights of the Sea, please feel free to reach Emanuele.




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